And here we are!

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It’s weird, starting out all over again after not really blogging for much of the last decade. We got so consumed by social media, by striving for pith at the expense of something well-reasoned, that blogging sort of died on its arse.

Except that it didn’t, of course. Everyone just thought that.

The truth is that blogging is alive and well. Look at Medium, and how well that site is doing (it helps, too, that Medium is a gorgeous reading experience). And yes, you may be reading this post there because I’ll syndicate it thereto, but I’m writing here, on my own little corner of the internet, on Why? ’Cos I can, and I want to.

I’ve got another, not-very-well-updated blog, over at my photography site but that’s for non-tech stuff. This is for the other side of my brain. The side of my brain that thinks about monads, and deadlocks, about the optimal path to solve a problem, and about elegant code.

I’ve been doing this for nearly twenty years now, so I’ve got a lot of opinions. Some of them may be useful to other people, some of them may not. Mostly, this little blog is here to be useful to me and me alone, lest I fail to remember some of the things that I’ve reasoned out for myself.

Welcome. I do hope that I’ll say something useful — or at least entertaining — whilst you’re here.